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La Peira 2018 Vintage (part 1)

La Pèira 2018 vintage It’s been 15 years since our first harvest at La Pèira. So, this year, as well as introducing the 2018 vintage, we thought to take stock. The goal from the beginning was to be equal in vineyard practices as any of France’s finest, but to allow...

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“There has been more ballyhoo about this domaine than any other since Daumas Gassac” Paul Strang on La Peira in – Languedoc Roussillon The Wines and the Wine Makers

“There has been more ballyhoo about this domaine than any other since Daumas Gassac” writes Paul Strang on La Pèira in his Languadoc Roussillon The Wines and the Wine Makers. La Peira is rated **** world class (the highest rating). The book - the most up-to-date and...

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Matissat 2016

Matissat 2016 Offer
The first ever En Primeur release of the the Matissat. There were 1300 bottles (or around 222 wooden cases of 6 bottles).

“A wine I can’t get enough of is the Mourvedre-dominated Matissat from this estate, and I’ve yet to not love every vintage I’ve tasted”

Matissat 2016 95–98/100 Wine Advocate

A wine I can’t get enough of is the Mourvedre-dominated Matissat from this estate, and I’ve yet to not love every vintage I’ve tasted. The 2016 Terrasses du Larzac Matissat boasts a deep purple color as well as sensational notes of ripe dark fruits, violets, chocolate and massive chalky minerality. It’s a big wine, but it stays balanced, fresh and structured, with plenty of sweet tannin lending length and cut on the finish. I’d try a bottle right on release, and then forget it for 5-7 years, as Mourvedre has a tendency to close down shortly after release. Wine Advocate 95–98/100

“It’s up with the greatest expressions of this variety in France”

Matissat 2016 95-97/100 Jeb Dunnck

The deepest colored of the three wines in this report, the 2016 Terrasses du Larzac Matissat is a Mourvèdre-dominated cuvée raised all in barrels. This smoking good barrel sample is absolutely loaded with notions of cured meats, black currants, crushed rocks, game, and graphite. Deep, full-bodied, and powerful, it has no hard edges, a seamless texture, and building tannin. It’s up with the greatest expressions of this variety in France. Jeb Dunnuck 95-97/100

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La Peira 2013 Vintage: “In contrast to elsewhere in France, 2013 was a superb vintage in Languedoc-Roussillon”

A poor vintage in most of France, perhaps uniquely, in this region, 2013 was exceptional. “In contrast to elsewhere in France, 2013 was a superb vintage in Languedoc-Roussillon.” Decanter Magazine on the 2013 Vintage. PDF of the Vintage (with Wine Reviews) here.

If in Bordeaux, 2013 was one of the hardest vintages for 30 years; in Burgundy, the second growing season from hell in a row; and a tricky vintage in the Rhône well – in our region it has been reported to be as good as the best vintages of the 80s and the 90s, and a super year for Syrah. “Certainly the best vintage since 2001”, one grower opined, summarising the consensus view.

Jeb Dunnuck, of the Wine Advocate, concurred with growers and other observers in his 2014 overview of the vintage, stating:

“While the vast majority of France struggled in 2013 with cooler, rainy conditions, the perennial sunny Languedoc and Roussillon are on track to have a good, possibly exceptional vintage. A late harvest across the region, Jérémie Depierre of La Pèira calls the vintage “great” but atypical, and goes on to say that it “combines that delicacy and youthful feeling of finesse of the 2012 – but with more the frame and body of 2011 – or even a hint of the 2010.” Claude Fonquerle of L’Oustal Blanc also says that the vintage is atypical, but comments on the silkiness and high quality of the tannin. Anne Gros of Domaine Anne Gros calls the vintage great, going on to say that there was “late maturity with excellent acidity and moderate degrees (of alcohol).” She elaborates that the vintage is “one of precision, a touch of austerity, and in the future, great concentration? a great vintage … to keep!” (The Languedoc and Roussillon: 2011, 2012 and 2013 May 1, 2014).

The vintage in précis:

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La Peira Offer En Primeur 2013

At the end of last year, the ‘Who’s Who in France’ by Meininger’s Wine Business International, after citing names such as Bize Leroy, Aubert de Villaine, & the Guigal Family (along with Dubourdieu, Rolland, and Derenoncourt) made the following observation

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A Look at La Peira’s 2012-2013 offering

An Overview of La Pèira’s Current Release: 2012-2013

2012 was an interesting and perhaps atypical vintage at La Pèira. Jancis Robinson spoke some its qualities in her review below of the 2012, pinpointing, “lots of sinewy appeal”, “Cool and fresh”. Jeb Dunnuck of the Wine Advocate spoke of “medium to full-bodied wines”, “Pure, focused and nicely concentrated”. This vintage is matched with the 2013 bottlings of the Obriers de la Pèira, the domaine’s third wine, and the white, Deusyls de La Pèira. Both in the wonderfully exuberant primary phase at the moment.

Information about the vintages and La Pèira are set out (alongside some lovely images of the domaine) in the following brochures in English ( La Peira: Vintages 2012-2013 ) and French ( La Peira: Notre Millesime 2012-2013 ).

A summery of current reviews follows:

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Bravo et Bonne Chance

-- Bravo et Bonne Chance Jérémie Depierre at La Pèira: Millesimes/Vintages 2005–2014 It is due to Jérémie’s hard work (often in impossible circumstances) and diligent efforts that La Pèira has been such a success since the beginning. Now, after 10 vintages, and almost...

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La Peira’s Matissat named the Best Red Wine of France in the Lafont Presse ‘Classement des Meilleurs Vins de France’ 2014

"A legend in the making" The 2014 edition of the Lafont Presse 'Classement de Meilleurs Vins de France' has named La Pèira’s Matissat cuvee best red wine for all of France. The wine - a pure Mourvèdre - is dubbed “a legend in the making” and garners a perfect...

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Robert Parker on La Peira

Robert Parker on La Pèira “My colleague David Schildknecht has written about this estate, which many observers consider to be the most exciting estate in the Languedoc.” Hot on the heels of bottling, allocating, and shipping the La Pèira 2010s, Robert Parker published...

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