La Pèira alongside the Terrasses du Larzac in Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book 2020 | La Peira

Delighted to see La Pèira alongside the Terrasses du Larzac make an appearance in the Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book 2020.

The world’s best-selling annual wine guide, Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book (now in its 43rd year of publication) is an annual update guide.

Said to be the essential reference book for everyone who buys wine – in shops, restaurants, or on the internet.

It also take abbreviation to extremes (a necessity as it has to fit the world of wine into a pocket book). A brief entry is included for each producer, appellation, grape variety, person.


The customarily brief entries for La Pèira and the Terrasses du Larzac follow:

La Pèira

La Pèira  L’doc r w English-owned, AL winemaker, rich intense reds. La Peira ( SYRAH / GRENACHE ), las Flors de la Peira (Syrah/Grenache/ MOURVÈDRE ), Obriers de la Peira ( CARIGNAN / CINSAULT ).

Terrasses du Larzac 

Terrasses du Larzac L’doc r ★ ★ → ★ ★ ★ Most n part of AC L’DOC . Wild and hilly region from Lac du Salagou to Aniane, incl MONTPEYROUX , St-Saturnin; wide day/night temperature variation, coolth makes fresher wines. AC since 2014; 25 new growers in recent yrs, plus est names: CAL DEMOURA , CLOS des Serres, Mas de l’Ecriture, Mas Jullien , MONTCALMÈS , Pas de l’Escalette. LA PÈIRA . Over half organic/bio. Definitely to watch . White, rosé AC L’doc or IGP.


AC = AOC | L’doc = Languedoc | AL = ? | r = red | w = white | n = north | capitals =  a separate individual entry

La Pèira also makes an appearance in the Hugh Johnson and Jancis Robinson publication, The Oxford World Atlas of Wine: more here. And the excellent Wine Behind the Label Guide is similarly comprehensive while going into great detail: more here.

The Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book is widely available in bookshops as well as online.