La Pèira 2017 and Montcalmès 2017 Top the Regional Report of Over 60 Terrasses du Larzac Wines: Discover the Star Quality of Terrasses du Larzac: Decanter

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Georgina Hindle of Decanter Magazine’s look at the Terrasses du Larzac 

La Pèira 2017 and Montcalmès 2017 are the top-rated wines in Decanter’s comprehensive review of over 60 Terrasses du Larzac wines.

In the highly-regarded wine publication Decanter Magazine, Georgina Hindle offers a comprehensive exploration of the Terrasses du Larzac appellation and reviews a representative sample of over 60 wines from this notable area in the South of the French viticultural landscape. 

Georgina Hindle is the Bordeaux Correspondent and Premium Editor for Decanter and resides in Bordeaux, southwest France.

Georgina Hindle wine tasting in Bordeaux

Taking over from fellow Bordeaux resident Jane Anson, whose new website, Inside Bordeaux, also focuses on the region, Hindle covers the region and its wines from Pauillac to En Primeur to Pomerol and everything in between. For an in-depth interview, see here by wine merchants Fine + Rare. 

Her article, Regional profile: Terrasses du Larzac plus 67 wines tasted, dated October 23, 2020, examines over sixty wines from recent vintages.

The article underscores the region’s burgeoning reputation for full-bodied, age-worthy reds that are both fresh and full of character. 

The Terrasses du Larzac is nestled in the southern French department of Hérault, graced by the cooling shadows of the foothills of Larzac and the Massif Central mountain range. Vines at these altitudes, generally ranging from 50 to 400 meters, benefit from significant diurnal temperature shifts, aiding in the slow, steady maturation of grapes.

This, along with the appellation’s varied soil composition of limestone, clay, river pebbles, and schist in different parts, contributes to wines that are robust and fruit-forward with a spirited acidity and vibrant youthfulness.

La Pèira 2017 and Montcalmès 2017 Top Rated

The Decanter report highlights the exceptional quality of the La Pèira 2017 and Montcalmès 2017 vintages, which achieved the top scores in the Terrasses du Larzac reviews.

La Pèira 2017 and Montcalmès 2017 Decanter tasting reviews

60 Terrasses du Larzac wines

The tasting encompassed an impressive selection of wines, including the likes of Les Vignes Oubliées, Clos Constantin, Mas Cal Demoura and Mas du Pountil, each showcasing the diversity and high-quality for which the Terrasses du Larzac is spoken of. Whether it’s the richness and depth of Gérard Bertrand, Château La Sauvageonne or the wines of the relatively recent Domaine La Tête dans les Etoiles, a tiny estate, there is an array of profiles to explore.

Hindle’s report covers a variety of outstanding wines from Terrasses du Larzac, featuring different cépages grown on diverse soils, in various areas, and available at a range of price points.

Given the appellation’s adherence to red wine production with a blend of at least three out of five sanctioned grape varieties: Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah, Cinsault, and Carignan — wines from different producers can have quite different emphases.

From the structural heft of a Carignan-dominated wine to the finesse of a blend featuring Cinsault, each grape variety and choice of blend adds a unique dimension to each of the producers’ Terrasses du Larzac wines.

The depth and breadth of this review make it a useful guide for those looking to explore the wines this appellation has to offer.

La Pèira 2017 Review 

La Pèira 2017 full Decanter tasting review

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