La Pèira 2018 Vintage – Las Flors de La Pèira 2018 2ÈME

France's Greatest Second Wines and Las Flors de la Peira

We’ve made our second wine, Las Flors de la La Pèira since 2005. For 15 vintages. As with La Pèira and all the wines a huge amount of care and attention is spent on it. As you can see it compares favourably with France’s greatest second wines:


Las Flors de la Peira vs France First growths 2eme or 2nd wines
Las Flors 2ème – La Pèira’s Second Wine

 2018 Las Flors 2ème – What Makes A Great Second Wine?

Over 12-years or so it comes in on average in first place against some of the greatest (source: Wine Advocate 2005-2017). Carruades de Lafite, Le Petit Mouton de Mouton Rothschild, Pavillon Rouge de Château Margaux, Le Clarence de Haut-Brion, Les Forts de Latour range from €200 to €250 a bottle. Las Flors de la La Pèira a smaller fraction of that. Yet we thought we could do even better. And, in 2018 & 2019, we think we’ve blended the greatest Las Flors yet. We always wanted to make a perfect second wine in terms of style. What makes a classic second wine? For us, it’s a wine made with all the care and attention as an estate’s Grand Vin but is astonishingly supple, approachable, balanced, and elegant at an early age.

A great second wine is bit like a time machine where you can see tonight what the grand vin might be like in decade or two.

To mark this new era of Las Flors, the 2018 vintage is simply titled: 2ÈME.

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France's Greatest Second Wines and Las Flors de la Peira


Las Flors de la Peira 2018 2019 Greatest yet