La Peira | Video | Spring work | On the Vineyard and in the Winery | Terrasses du Larzac

The video below shows a little of the work in spring (2009) going on in the vineyard at La Pèira, and also in the winery. Hopefully it gives a feeling of the Terrasses du Larzac region. At the end it features a quick ascent of Mont Baudile (that overlooks La Pèira) for a different perspective.

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Perhaps one day this might be part of a series we hope to update looking at the work in the vineyard and chai as it progresses during through the year. Below is an image of one of the ancient fossilised shells (in this case an Oyster shell) mentioned in the video that can be found in the vineyard.


One of the fossilised Oyster shells as referred to in the soil section of the video above