Marquis Wine Cellars brings La Peira to Canada with the words “Superstar winery in the making!” | | La Peira

For quite some time we pestered John Clerides, owner of Marquis Wine Cellars, about the wines.

He’s a busy man, and evidently tough to please (as this video showing his look at the 2008 vintage in Bordeaux proves), but finally we got there.

The upshot is that a limited amount of the wines listed  below are available in Canada for the first time, and we are delighted about that.

And big thank you to Jon Ellison as well for all his help!

They have a few other interesting new arrivals from our region as well.

The Mas des Dames 2005 (website) , some Canet Vallete from St. Chinian (website), and, of course, some great wines from Chateau de la Negly (the La Falaise 06, La Porte du Ciel 05, and Clos des Truffiers 04)

We are really looking forward to hearing from John and all at Marquis as to how the wines have been received.


Marquis Wine Cellars

 “Marquis Wine Cellars is arguably the best purveyor of legendary French wines, John Clerides squeezes as many bottles as he can out of the producer for his discerning customers” (Georgia Straight)

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List of Wines available

La Pèira, Terrasses du Larzac, Languedoc, France – Superstar winery in the making!

2005 Terrasses du Larzac ‘Obriers’ – $28.90  

2005 VDP l’Herault ‘Deusyls’ Blanc – $49.90  

2005 Terrasses du Larzac ‘Las Flors’ – $49.90  

2005 Terrasses du Larzac ‘La Pèira’ – $114.90

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