Tasting in Boston, New York, San Francisco With Eric Solomon | European Cellars | | La Peira

UPDATED  – Photos Follow

Last Day of Eric Solomon | European Cellars Tasting

Farewell San Francisco

UPDATE – European Cellars Tasting book


Before the Tasting…


Before the tasting…Eric Solomon surveys the scene…


Before the tasting…


From Frog’s Leap to Ornellaia’s Masseto…via Bonny Doon (Cigare Volant etc) and others: Chuck House visits La Peira… 


Chuck House (Sir Charles House as known in our parts) visits … Most influential designer in Wine ever? We think so…

We are really thrilled to be showing the wines in Boston, New York and San Francisco as part of The Eric Solomon Selections | European Cellar National Tastings.

Come and say hi.

Details: www.europeancellars.com


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