Obriers de la Peira Harvest 2005 Film

Obriers de la Pèira Harvest 2005 @ the Old Chai | La Pèira

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We’ve always done things before we were ready.

When we first harvested in 2005 the tanks for vinification only arrived 14 days before the grapes did. To be honest by that point we had been growing grapes all year without anywhere certain to receive the harvest at all.

In that spirit – although we have a beautiful film of the 05 harvest in progress – we’ re putting up some footage shot from a mobile phone during the Obriers de la Peira 05 harvest.

It captures the scrappy ways of our beginning, and shows the sorting process the grapes go through before being transported on a conveyor belt elevator into the (then recently arrived) Inox tanks.

Taste the Obriers de la Peira 2005 

We had a great start to the New Year with the Wine Library TV naming our La Peira 05 as the wine of the year, and recording a great review of the Obriers 06.

So we’ve set aside a case of the wine being harvested above to give away as individual bottles for anyone curious to taste!

Just drop us a line before the end of this week (Sunday 11th of January) at roth109ataoldotcom, or at any of the links below with (a) La Peira and (b) the four letters that each of the four wines we make begin with in the subject, and, with the first 12 received, we’ll send a free bottle of the Obriers de la Peira 2005 to your address!

More about La Peira here and here.

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