La Peira on Wine Library TV

La Pèira started the New Year of 2009 with a surprise, as Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV reviewed the Obriers de la La Pèira 2006 – in the episode below entitled New Years Resolution. This was the #602 episode of the series, and Gary Vaynerchuk, who visited the domaine, had this to say of our top Cuvée, La Pèira:

‘”I had their $100 cuvee when I was there and thought it might be my wine of the year…I look back at my notes 98…99 points”

Full notes on the La Peira wines from Gary Vaynerchuk can be found here. Or by clicking on the Wine Library TV image above.
If it’s not possible to view  the video below click here for the Quicktime version.

Wine Library TV | New Years Resolution | Episode #602 Obriers de la La Pèira 06 & La Pèira 05

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