Bravo et Bonne Chance | | La Peira

It is due to Jérémie’s hard work (often in impossible circumstances) and diligent efforts that La Pèira has been such a success since the beginning.

Now, after 10 vintages, and almost a decade at La Pèira, Jérémie is making a well-deserved departure for a new job at a beautifully-situated domaine near the village of Roussillon in Provence.

While this year sees his last vintage at La Pèira (2014) – due for release in 2016 – we hope to have Jérémie as a long-standing presence at La Pèira verticals for many years to come.

The domaine’s debt to him is immense. And it is with great thanks – and much anticipation – that we look forward to what comes next.

A good account of Jérémie’s time at La Pèira can be read here, and is worth reading, if only perhaps as it conveys how brilliant work was done in trying circumstances.

We’re certainly of the view that magnificent work was done by M. Jérémie Depierre at La Pèira over Millesimes/Vintages 2005–2014. So Bravo et Bonne Chance with all the exciting challenges the future brings.