“Southern France’s First Growth” – Andrew McMurray of Zachys on La Peira

We thought we’d post this piece written by Andrew McMurray, vice president of New York’s famous Zachys.

Zachys has a fascinating history. Established in 1944, it was in 1961 that Don Zacharia took over, and since then it has seen the changing of drinking habits in the US towards wine, of California development as an important wine-producing region, of the establishment of Bordeaux’s futures business, of the internet, of its wine-auction business (initially in partnership with Christie’s), and pretty much everything and anything in between.

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Southern France’s First Growth – La Pèira Spectacular Reds

The “Final Frontier” of the wine world continues to amaze us. Southern France was once considered a producer only of value regional wine, but their sub-appellations are gaining cult followings unto themselves. Provence has Bandol. Roussillon has Corbieres. Now, thanks to producers like La Pèira, Languedoc has Terrasses du Larzac, which is quickly becoming a source of phenomenal (and increasingly rare) value and premium wine. Words don’t do it justice…but that won’t stop people from trying! The Wine Advocate’s David Schildknecht, never one to hold back his thoughts when he puts pen to paper, had only glowing things to say:

“…If it were not already abundantly clear, this is now one of the three or four most exciting not to mention meticulously-run properties in the Languedoc, and as such is broadcasting the message that this region’s soils and old vines harbor abundant latent grandeur whose awakening awaits only the right combination of inspiration, labor, and luck. I just hope aspiring vintners and winery owners – not to mention wine lovers – the world over are listening!” – David Schildknecht, August 2011

Using the traditional Languedoc-Roussillon varietals (Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, Cinsault, and Carignan), winemaker Jeremie Depierre crafts deep, brooding, mind-blowingly complex reds that show beautifully right out of the gate, and will continue to impress for years to come. The wines are consistently fantastic vintage-to-vintage, and you can see why we consider this a “First Growth” of Southern France!

Andrew McMurray – vice president of Zachys