The World of Fine Wine Languedoc-Roussillon tasting with Andrew Jefford, Michael Edwards and Marcel Orford-Williams

A few months ago, we received a note asking why our third wine only – Obriers – was presented at the World of Fine Wine tasting of the region with the panel Andrew Jefford, Michael Edwards (his blog here), and Marcel Orford-Williams.

The World of Fine Wine is undoubtedly the world’s greatest fine wine magazine, and certainly, the most beautifully presented, so it was a shame that the flagship and second wine of La Pèira were not part of this serious and fascinating overview.

The notes and marks attested to the success of the tasting, but the article also had some very interesting observations – both for aficionados of the region and producers alike. Our third wine, Obriers de la Pèira fared alright – it was one of Marcel Orford-Williams’  favorites (writer, judge, and buyer for the excellent Wine Society) – but it’s the serious scrutiny of the region’s wines, the different perspectives of the three tasters, and the article summery that makes this a  fascinating must-read.

The article is online here. (Languedoc-Roussillon The erratic powerhouse of French Wine)

Some time ago we were fortunate to have a super article on the wines of La Pèira in this excellent publication (see image) – of which a little more about below.

Andrew Jefford’s One Bottle The World of Fine Wine


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