‘Especiariá de la Pèira’ store: The La Pèira En Primeur Offer for the 2013 vintage (and other things)

A little while ago we started a small place were we could publish details of forthcoming La Pèira En Primeur offers, and offer a few items otherwise unavailable elsewhere.

We named it Especiariá de la PèiraEspeciariá is the occitan word for épicerie. Occitan, of course, is the traditional language spoken in the Terrasses du Larzac when we work. You can view it by clicking PURCHASE LA PÈIRA above. It was just in French, and for France only (and still is).

We’ll shortly be providing this in English. If you’re interested and want us to drop you a line when it launches, feel free to enter an email below (and anything else you might wish) and we’ll you let you know when it launches.

Note: Current vintages of the wines of La Pèira cannot be acquired there (for those see wine-searcher for stockists).

Please let me know about this and the La Pèira En Primeur  Offer 2013 thank You