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Our Home: La Peira – Terrasses du Larzac

Over land and sea... La PeiraRobert Parker’s ”backwater appellation”, where our young wines grow up. Looks alright, no?

Our Young Brood Heads off to see the World

Wines are a bit like children. You care for them, sacrifice for them, bring them up, then cloak them in respectable garb and send them out into the world. 

After all this, you’d think the least they could do is write. 

Off they go, leaving you strangely bereft, and, more often than not, to glamourous locations and exotic climes…

It seems like only yesterday that our young family went off to see the world, but already they are starting to turn up in locations we could have only dreamt of in our youth.

La Peira & the Île de Beauté (Cala Rossa)

Over land and sea... La Peira

Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa in Corsica

Take for example some of our La Peira 05s, now enjoying an extended stay on the  Île de Beauté at the Grand Hôtel de Cala Rossa, and various Relais and Chateaux on the Côte d’Azur.

Do they remember (while enjoying the climate and magnificent setting of the Cala Rossa etc)  the grim winter pruning of 04? 

La Peira & Comptoir des Vignobles, SaintÉmilion

Over land and sea... La PeiraFrédéric Rousseau’s Comptoir des Vignobles in the heart of SaintÉmilion

Their cousins, cooling a long age in the old limestone cellars of the Comptoir des VignoblesSaintÉmilion.

Let’s hope they remember to speak of their youthful days in languid Herault…


Deusyls & Ian Fleming’s Old Haunt: Scott’s  

Over land and sea... La Peira

Scott’s of Mayfair (Est. 1851) Birthplace of Ian Fleming’s favourite shaken-not-stirred dry martini

Or take our Deusyls de la Peira 2005…She grew up in the country, a lovely fair-headed version of Lampedusa’s Angelica. Now? Living it up at London’s legendary Scott’s in Mayfair, once the favourite haunt of Bond creator Ian Fleming. 

While we’re still paying for the schooling, and saving the pennies for a birthday visit, she has the chance to rub shoulders with Hugh Grant, Madonna and Prince William. It doesn’t seem fair…

According to Fay Maschler of London’s Evening Standard, Oscar Wilde was supposed to have remarked, “I can resist everything except temptation” while in Scott’s.

And you wonder why we worry…


 Obriers & the Perennial Le Caprice

Over land and sea... La Peira

Le Caprice:  a fixture of the London dining scene since 1947

So much for “you can’t plant me in your penthouse, I’m going back to my plow…”

Her brother, the Obriers 06, brought up so simply in a stone barn near Aniane, can be now seen nightly at Le Caprice (a favorite of the late Princess of Wales.)

And not in the Kitchen either.

Like Paul McCartney & Alexander McQueen (regulars) the boy’s done good. But when’s he coming back to the farm? 

La Peira goes to Hollywood (courtesy of K & L Wine Merchants)

Over land and sea... La PeiraK&L Wine merchants on Vine Street, Hollywood

Other precocious Obriers bottlings (following in the footsteps of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Barton Fink) seem to be enjoying a stay in Hollywood courtesy of K&L Wines.

Cue jealous mutterings from our other cuvees.

“You’re more of a Vin de Garde dear”, we murmur reassuringly, “Perhaps he’s peaked too soon…”

Our haughty  La Peira (prone to stoney Mount Rushmore silences and with all the good looks of a young Abraham Lincoln) will never forgive his floral brother, Las Flors, his natural charm. nor his sojourns in California.

“Cherie, you’re doing so well in New York with the Wine Library, in fact you’re all but sold out. And Gary Vaynerchuk says you’re destined for great things”, we reason. To no avail…

La Peira at Zachys, New York

Over land and sea... La Peira

New York’s Zachys (Est 1944.) Bordeaux, Burgundy still cheap…Rhone unheard of

We’re not above the odd pang of jealousy ourselves. As well as selling out at the Wine Library, our Las Flors 05 is doing a stint at Zachys in New York. Founded in 1944, it’s somewhat of an institution. At that point in our careers we were washing dishes in little worn-out cafes…It’s with mixed feelings as a parent you see the prejudices of old slip away, and a new world of merit and opportunity beckon. Of course we’re delighted. But, well, as Don Zacharia of Zachys recently noted, “We didn’t really sell California wines in the 70’s. California wines were sold in California. Wines like Chateau Montelena and Stags Leap. Most of us never heard of.” It took years and a lot of hard work for Californian wines to be accepted in New York. And even Aime Guibert (of Daumas Gassac) could only sell his early wines to friends. 

We are acutely aware (to paraphrase Woody Guthrie) of the, “mighty hard row that hands have hoed.” But is our Las Flors?

Maybe that comes with age…

La Peira and Wine and Chocolate 

Over land and sea... La PeiraDavid Speer’s (Wine and Chocolate, Inc) very kind message on La Peira

And as for folk like David Speer, of the estimable Wine and Chocolate, writing to us on the day of the inauguration linking La Peira and that new fellow in the President’s office as both something “new and different.” We told our bank we were “new and different” when we started in 2005. You should have seen their faces. The nerve…(Seriously David, Thanks) 

And it’s not as if the ungrateful bunch send any money home.  As Kyle Meyer noted recently, “They’re probably losing money from what it cost them to produce this wine…” 

Kids. They cost.

Things to do in Denver when you’re Dry…

Over land and sea... La PeiraOver land and sea... La PeiraMondo Vino: cornering the market for Obriers in Colorado?

La Peira at Mondo Vino (Denver, Colorado)

The Staff at Mondo Vino wrote a nice reference for our Obriers (click above) for any of those wishing to gainfully employ the wine! 


Back to good, hard, wonderful work of making (we hope) excellent, complex, intricate wine. But making wine is not so different to bringing up a family. Is it any wonder we take a vicarious interest in their travels after they’ve flown the coop?


(P.S And many thanks to Vinopolis Wine Shop (Portland, OR), 56 Degrees Wine (Bernardsville, NJ), and for the bottlings at Milos Estiatorio, Bleu Provence, and elsewhere…as far afield as Russia, Switzerland, and in Germany – our good friend Matthias Hilse of Aux Fins Gourmets. You are taking care of them, aren’t you?)

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