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Kyle Meyer (Wine Exchange) tastes La Peira on TheWineryChannel.tv

We meet Kyle and and had the chance to show the wines on a beautiful day (weather-wise) at The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco some time ago.

We had a fantastic table with views out to the bay with two great  neighbors on each side. On one side was Clos des Fées’ Hervé Bizeul and on the other, Jean-Marc Lafage of Domaine Lafage….

Anyway  Kyle Meyer’s  ‘Episode 49 – LA PEIRA’ can be seen on the TheWineryChannel.tv along with all the other episodes, and other such good things such as the only time we’ve ever seen the inside of Sine Qua Non on video….  If it doesn’t work there, we’ve taken the liberty of putting an embedded version below for a short time…

Kyle tasting the Las Flors de la Peira 05 and the Obriers de la Peira 05 Video


La Peira at the Wine Exchange

It’s something for us. La Peira in the Land of John Alban, Randall Grahm, Hospice du Rhône, Araujo, Manfred Krankl and his Sine Qua Non…

But however long it take our wines to travel from France to California, it probably takes longer for the Wine Exchange (WineX) to write-up their hand-written missives. With that in mind we’ve put them in the La Peira Archives below. Give them a click to open up full size.


La Peira / Wine Exchange



Las Flors 05 / Wine Exchange


Obriers 2005 / Wine Exchange


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